Robots! Giant fighting robots!

For 10 days in August, Fukuoka played host to 2016's 'Gundam World' exhibition. Fans were able to relive the history of the franchise, dating back to 1979, and immerse themselves in the world of intergalactic giant fighting robots.

Gundam originated as an anime TV series, and since its creation almost 40 years ago has spawned a franchise of films, video games, manga and novels. Gundam has been, and still is, revolutionary in the world of toys and models- the franchise led to the creation of one of the largest action figure and hobby franchises in the Japanese toy industry (Gundam plastic models claim 90% of the Japan character plastic model market!)

For the avid fan, an extensive array of memorabilia was on show. Original artwork, rare collectible models, life-size robots, and LP recordings of the soundtracks were all displayed.

Even a new-comer (Jesse) had plenty to enjoy- fantastic film posters, interactive exhibits, and some replica weapons to play with.

Unfortunately the exhibition has now finished, but we would recommend visiting next year if you get the chance.