If you'd like multiple feline friends for an hour or more and you're in the Tenjin area of Fukuoka, there is a perfect place for you! Keurig: The Loft is the second branch of the very popular Neko Cafe Keurig situated in the Daimyo district of Fukuoka city.

You will find Keurig: The Loft on the fourth floor of the Jolis Building in South Tenjin, with lovely views overlooking Kego shrine. It is home to an impressive host of cats, we counted 28 on our visit but there may well have been others in the rafters or hiding in their makeshift play area. It's quite tricky to keep count when there are just so many!

Upon entering the cafe, you proceed into a small sealed porch where you change into some complimentary slippers and a member of staff will let you in. After spraying your hands with disinfectant, you are presented printed English instructions outlining the costs and the guidelines for interacting with the cats. There are also lockers provided so you can play to your hearts content without having to keep an eye on your valuables.

For an hours stay you pay 1000Yen, which also includes a drink from their menu (hot drinks, juice, soft drinks and even their own set of virgin cocktails!). They come complete with a coaster balanced on top to make sure none of the mischievous kitties take a sip! Every extra ten minutes you stay after an hour is 150Yen. However, there are also set prices for 1.5 hours (1300 Yen) and 3 hours (2100Yen).

Everywhere you look there are cats: under tables, on chairs, even up in the rafters peering down at you. Wooden posts are wrapped in twine so they can climb up and down and surprise you at your seat. There are various toys to attempt to entertain them, although if you're a cat lover you will already know it's very much on their  terms and they choose if they want to play!

You can guarantee that if you simply sit relaxing with a book you will find cats jumping on your table, nestling up next to you, or if you choose to eat you'll definitely get some attention. The food is of surprisingly great quality for the cost and we can definitely vouch for the deliciousness of the pasta dishes. To add a pasta dish or an item from the dessert menu the prices range from 500-900yen and they present the food very nicely.

If you live in an apartment in Japan you will probably know the disappointment of not being able to own a pet. Even if it were allowed it would seem quite cruel to keep it cooped up in a small apartment several stories high where they couldn't leave to explore. Naturally this means cat cafes are a big hit for all those living here who cannot have the joy of owning a cute and cuddly feline friend of their own.

Check out the website for their menu, photos and map to find it.

If you want to visit one of the infamous Japanese cat cafes, go to Keurig- you won't be disappointed!