If you are a fan of the #1 manga and anime series or even have a slight understanding of what it is, then this a great place to visit. With themed attractions and activities based around each of the the 7 main characters, you'll want to stay for hours. Located on 3F of Tokyo Tower, it opens at 10am and you can purchase tickets from the machines at the entrance. As you enter, make your way through an array of interactive comic panels before entering a room in which reside life-size models of Luffy and the crew- perfect for photo opportunities. Take the escalator to the next floor and the fun begins: your ticket admits you access to all of the activities/games an unlimited amount of times.

There is Ussop's Road to Sogeking, a game in which you compete against 4 other competitors to strike down models of marines with a catapult. Succesfully complete the challenge and you'll win yourself a special Sogeking mask.

Nami's Casino House: bet against up to 12 of your friends in 3 casino style games- a 'horse' race, a wheel-of-fortune, and a game of chance. Accumulate 300,000,000 in digital prize money and you'll win the coveted special prize.

Nico Robin's Ponoglyph Finder: take-up your very own DenDenMushi and go in search of strange glyphs hidden all around the exhibition. You have 30 minutes to find as many as you can, find enough and you'll get your picture on display in the exhibition.

Brook's Haunted House: make your way through dark passageways in search of the sleeping zombie into who's mouth you must place the blessed salt ball. Be prepared for a fright or two!

Zorro's Soul of Edge: step into your own private room and do battle with the marines. With a sword in your hand and a projected screen in front of you, cut down the incoming cannonballs. Perform well enough and you'll find yourself face-to-face with the big boss.

Chopper's Thousand-Sunny Tours: take a tour of the infamous Strawhat crew's ship and discover where your favourite characters go to eat, sleep and play. There's also a chance to peep in on a character in the shower... be careful though, as you may be in for a bit of a surprise!

Franky's Cafe: sit down and take a break. Serving a few snacks but only one drink: cola. Inside this cafe is a Franky-themed gachapon machine where you play a pinball-style game to win an exclusive prize.

Sanji's Restaurant: located on the ground floor of Tokyo Tower, Sanji has his own restaurant where you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet for 2500yen (£13.50).

Luffy's Story: walk through various passageways including a house of mirrors and a spinning, burning bridge as you recollect Luffy's journey so far, culminating with a 4D cinema room where you relive some of his most iconic fights from the anime.

Live-action Show: watch your favourite characters for real! As you enter the 'cave' you are given a magic crystal, a host will appear on stage to set the scene and show you the special moves for activating the crystal. The lights go out and the actors appear in very convincing costumes- they embark on an adventure in the cave, end up fighting shadow versions of themselves and of course need your help to save the day.


For adults, entry costs 2600yen (£14) and it is definitely worth checking out.